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How Manufacturing & Service Industry Is Reformed By 3D Scanning Technology?

February 4, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Modern technology has infested all industries. Whether it is manufacturing, service delivery or agriculture, each industry has adopted technology to its core. The latest technologies in the manufacturing business have led to an upgrade in the service industry too. The use of pattern grading technology in manufacturing of clothes was seen as a ground breaking innovation.

Pattern Grading is a process of making different sizes from a base or a sample size. This technology helps in making different sizes for the same piece of clothing. Pattern grading is not only accurate in its measurements to as low as 1 mm deep but also controls wastage and provides optimum utilization of cloth. Pattern grading alone did not change the clothing industry; this was followed up with the 3D Body Visualizer technology.

3D Body visualizer is a scanning device which visualizes your body with a scanner and creates a 3D avatar of your body to help you understand the fit of a dress or suit. This reduces the time wasted on trying on dresses and then selecting the best fit. One can see the entire catalogue of clothes on a large tab to check out its fit and only try on the clothes which they feel would fit them best. These visualizations provide the maximum accuracy of cloth fitting by creating an accurate 3D avatar of your body within a second. These scanners are not only used in the clothing industry but also in the medical/health, body shape analysis and virtual fashion on e-commerce websites.

This has completely revolutionized the clothing industry with manufactures using pattern grading technology and the retailers in the service industry using 3D body visualizers. Apart from these, another upcoming 3D technology is 3D printing. A 3D printer creates a miniature model of your body. This printer scans your body in a scanning booth taking care of your privacy and gives accurate features to your body along with your clothing designs in different colors.

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