How it all began – our idea of the perfect little gift

Funky3DFaces was an idea that was borne out of the parent company ELAT3D Ltd, who make 3D printed bones for the medical industry and architectural models for architects and surveyors. Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses.

Our 3D printers are the only true full colour printers (6 million colours) available on the market and the cost of making things is expensive. So the mission was to produce something that was small enough to be inexpensive but completely unique and personal to each individual.

We first tried making miniature figurines of people by 3D scanning them: this worked great, but was expensive and difficult to take to the masses.

So we looked at technology that converted standard 2D photos into 3D, which meant that you could take and send the photos within the comfort of your own home. The first thing we tried was making your face into a 3D fridge magnet, totally cool and totally freaky too!! These are great fun though and make pretty funky 3D cards.

Then the idea hit us. Something that anyone can relate to which would make a great gift, whether you’re young or old, whilst being completely unique and fun. Mini figure heads!!!

After 3 months of trial and error with different software and lots of failed attempts, we finally perfected the technique. All we needed now was a platform to launch it at: Comic Con Birmingham 2015.

Having never been to a Comic Con event, we weren’t sure how things would go. If you have never been, GO! We had such an amazing weekend. We didn’t stop the whole time we were there! Everyone was amazed at the likeness of what we were making, especially when you consider the size of a minifigure head.

OK, so everybody loved it so we decided to create a website and take the product into production, 3 months later we launched the new website and started selling on ETSY. Within 3 days of going live we went viral around the world!!

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