How Electronic Surveillance plays a Major Role in Executive Protection

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Executive protection (proteccion de ejecutivos) is a tedious task. Celebrities and famed personalities often find themselves in problems due to sting operations on them through business rivals or competitors. This puts them in a space of trouble as to speak words or perform actions cautiously. Competitors also try to gain advantage of their rivals’ vulnerabilities; this makes executive protection extremely vital for the celebs and other famed personalities.

In order to protect themselves, these newsmakers hire security-consulting firms that can help provide them international support. This ensures that they are safe and secure wherever they move. The security-consulting firms offer electronic surveillance countermeasures along with surveillance via closed circuit cameras in order to protect their clients.

The CCTV surveillance helps the security consultants to look out for suspicious activity against their clients while also being able to keep track of their client and the persons they interact with to find possible causes of suspicion. This helps the security firms safeguard the interests of their clients against all possible threats while they are a step ahead to nullify such threats.

The electronic surveillance countermeasures ensure that any attempts to record the video, audio or both of the clients are nullified with screening of the space. Security companies sweep the entire space for any small recording devices or cameras that may record their clients’ activities or voice and report the legal authorities for unauthorized call tapping or camera surveillance of their clients.

This surveillance helps them protect their clients from unwanted and uncalled for threats. Thus, surveillance plays a vital role in nullifying threats against executive protection. There are many security-consulting firms in Florida, but few can match the quality standards maintained by Ashenoff & Associates.

Ashenoff & Associates is a Miami based security consulting and legal service provider. The company offers legal support, investigation and other such surveillance support for its clients. The company boasts of certified investigators that can source vital information for their clients helping them stay alert of threats and competitor activities. The company also offers due diligence and corporate investigations apart from its security consulting for executives in homeland and abroad.

About Ashenoff & Associates:

Ashenoff & Associates is a security consulting and legal support provider offering pre employment screening services for their clients.

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