How Digital Printing Solutions Transformed the Marketing World?

March 14, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Printers are one of the most widely used technological products. Whether used at home or commercially, printers have come a long way from the old woodcut style of printing used in the 15th century to the digital printing solutions provided by manufacturers in the current times. A few years ago printers required regular cartridge refilling but the manufacturers have come up with revolutionary inks that last long and cost less. The use of these inks and printers like decal printer, Billboard Printer and Label Printers addressed the problems of the marketing and advertising world requiring printing on different surfaces apart from paper and in different sizes too.

The decal printer is a printing machine specifically made for decal style of printing. A decal is a plastic, sheet or any other such substrate which has a printed pattern or image on it, which can be transferred onto another surface. This type of printing requires a different kind of ink that is durable and does not tear the substrate apart while transferring onto another surface. Decal Printers require special kind of decal paper for printing.

Another such type of printer is a billboard printer. Billboards require large sized printing in a single sheet. These special printers can print on large sized paper, cloth and other materials with high definition color accuracy and picture quality. These printers are huge as they have to print large sized papers and cloth rolls at once measuring in meters. These printers can print quickly and accurately the image or pattern onto the printing material.

This has addressed the problems of the dynamic marketing world requiring digital printing solutions with fast and efficient printing. This means that printers are not only used to print on paper but also on other printing material such as cloth, glass and other surfaces which have helped the companies from around the world to market their products and brand name better on billboards and as decals. One of the leading printing solutions providing website is

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