How a Free Standing Pull Up Bar Can Strengthen Your Fitness Regime

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Modern society has taken an interesting tack to healthy living. People are more inclined to work out in luxurious and expensive gymnasiums rather than doing their running exercises in parks and outdoor tracks. If you are tired of paying excessive gym fees for a gym you barely drive to, and you want to maintain your health in a better way, then you should give free standing pull-up bar training a try. The beauty in this type of workout is that is a one-time investment, which is enough to keep a healthy balance between your health and pocket book.

It should come as no surprise that people are also busy with work which is a big distraction to healthy living but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in. This pull-up bar is perfect for those people who are not willing to spend their valuable time driving to and working out in some overpriced gym. A pull-up bar only requires basic knowledge about it works so you can become an expert in performing the exercises below:

Flex hangs:

In this process, you have to hold yourself on the top of the pull-up with your jaw or chin above the bar. If you can resist your body in the same position for even a second initially, then you are off for your good start.

Dead hangs:

If you are unable to perform the flex hang, then you can simply hold yourself steady with the entirety of your body below the bar. This not only helps build a strong grip but it is also a step in the right direction to performing the flex hang and pull-ups. 


When you are confident enough in your grip and strength, you can step-up to pull-ups. Chin-ups are recommended to you as they give a greater emphasis on your biceps. You can gradually increase the number of pull-ups according to your resistance.

Standard chin-up:

You just have to grab the bar with a tight shoulder-width grip while your palms are facing you. You have to pull your chin level with the bar and slowly lower down till your arms are fully extended to perform a full rep.

The climber pull-up:

Grab the bar with a shoulder grip width, where your palms are facing away from you. You have to pull the weight of your body straight up. From the top, shift your body weight to right and target your chin to the right side i.e. your right hand. Repeat the same for your left side.

Negative pull-ups:

You have to stand on a chair and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip, while your palms face you. With a tight grip and control, lift yourself and step off from the chair and lower yourself until you have fully extended your arms.

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