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What is Cloud, Dedicated and Virtual Private servers?

If you are looking for greater scalability and cost benefits with advantages of dedicated server, the cloud server is the ideal solution. The cloud is a cluster of servers working in parallel with redundancy, thus cloud hosting provides scaling of resources, making it more flexible and cost effective thus with increasing workloads the demands can be automatically matched. Besides the scalability of computing resources, high availability is always ensured and that the services remain active as long as possible with dynamic reallocation of resources.

A dedicated server is a traditional model that typically includes storage (Withy choice of SSD, SATA OR SAS), networking and supported applications. A Dedicated server is entirely dedicated to an individual, organization or application where the customer can remotely access his server to carry out business operations. A dedicated server basically functions like an in-house server, but it is completely owned, operated and managed by the service provider.

A virtual private server runs on its own copy of operating systems like Windows and Linux. The Virtual Private server is cheaper as compared to a dedicated server because the architecture of VPS is such that VMs are provisioned on a single server, which also reduces the costs for VPS vendors and cost of installations for customers. VPS is also very reliable in case there is a spike in traffic to add resources to meet your computing needs. A good VPS service is efficient for smooth functioning for enterprise IT operations. offers Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

Our cloud platform is built using hyper converged technology, which ensures high availability of applications as they are backed with industry best SSDs and low latency storage network enabling you to easily scale storage. Our security architecture includes IDS/IPS and SIEM technologies along with a firewall which provides maximum security. You don’t need to pay for your unused resources as our cloud server enables you to scale your solution to manage the jerk in traffic whenever you want to which saves a lot of cost. With fully customizable cloud servers, a resource such as load balancing, firewall, image and snapshots can be added on demand and supports both Linux and Windows operating system. You can customize your cloud VM the way you want with options in configuring Operating system, Control panel, CPU & Memory, Storage, Backup, Security and Data Transfer

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Dedicated Servers

Customize your servers and upgrade network connectivity, memory, SSD, etc. as per your needs along with managed migration. In our secure hosting environment, we have deployed software based firewalls on our servers along with intrusion detection and prevention, automatic IP blocking, etc. Our dedicated servers are backed with complete SLA which ensures no single point of failure and delivers 99.95% network uptime. We provide application optimization Softwares with all our servers and not just that, but firewall application with anti-spam & anti-spam protection which includes IP reputation and much more.

Accelerate your business with Dedicated Server starting at just Rs. 8500/MO

Windows VPS Hosting

When you deploy a single virtual private server, you can handle multiple websites and customers, saving you a lot of time and money. With our VPS you have limitless data leaving you worry free about additional usage fees or traffic allowance. Our Windows Virtual Private Servers are built on the latest Windows Server 2012 R2 Technology, which delivers highly effective and efficient performance. We deliver mission critical performance with the latest version of MS SQL server & develop applications using hybrid cloud. In a completely managed environment, develop high performance and highly scalable ASP .NET 4.5. Easily build large scale web hosts and manage multiple websites together with Microsoft IIS 8.x. Our Mail Enable features allow you to give email services for an unlimited number of email accounts, domains & mailing lists. With our premium packages you have the option to choose cPanel or Plesk panel, which maintains top server performance.

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Linux VPS Hosting

Experience the performance of a dedicated server by customizing your virtual server in the way you want without investing a lot. We provide 99.95% because our servers are backed up with dual network connections, RAID disk arrays, dual power supplies, generators and battery backup. No more restrictions of traditional web hosting because now you can create your own hosting environment by using PHP.ini files, modules and web server configuration. Our servers are built on latest virtualization technology and hardware from dell delivering top performance of professional web applications. You can backup once every 15 minutes or 1 hour depending upon your requirements, thus in an event of a disaster your servers can simply be recovered with very less downtime.

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Our enterprise cloud infrastructure provides you with a flexible and secured infrastructure which allows you to focus on your core business activities. With unmatched features on our dedicated servers we offer outstanding performance at very low cost and inbuilt redundancy in order to keep your important data safe. We use the latest & customizable enterprise level server technology along with Intel Xeon processors providing optimum level performance. You get exactly what you need for your business with our customizable servers as per your specifications. Our hosting and technical experts are there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for even the smallest issues.

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