High Temperature Performance of MgO

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   The melting point of MgO is 2852 ℃, and the boiling point is 3600 ℃, So the high temperature performance of magnesium oxide is very excellent, that is the reasons why many customers like high temperature product. Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer, tell you something about MgO.

In terms of friction material industry, MgO have the requirement of good fineness, dispersibility, big volume, low content of silicon dioxide, hydrochloric acid insolubles, screenings, etc. It can effectively increase the coefficient of friction, flexibility, high temperature resistant, wear resistant performance, even more, it can solve the quality problems of unqualified friction coefficient and brake noise in the production.

Meishen Technology has rich experience of production, research, sales, export magnesium oxide. As the largest and the most complete varieties magnesium oxide supplier in China, Meishen specialized in the production of magnesium compounds which can be applied to many industries, magnesium oxide for medicine, for food additives, for phosphor, for reagents, AR, silicon steel and so on. We have more than 300 kinds, which had validated by more than 100 industries, 1800 users. It has stable quality and strong professional for performance.

In terms of silicon steel materials industry, we use Japanese technology and pollution-free area of Qinghai as raw material powder, product quality has good stability. After ultrafine grinding, classification treatment, MgO content is high, lower content of impurities such as hydrochloric acid insolubles, chloride, iron, evenly distuibuted sizes, small span, reasonable crystal structure, fineness and moderate viscosity are moderate, good physical indicators, low hydration rate. We can solve the issues of high-temperature plate can not be used, bad insulation properties, low yield and so on.

Meishen Technology has good after-sales service, constantly updated product quality and ensure delivery time, and offer free samples. In addition, we can meet the special needs of various customers according to different requirements.

Due to the influence of the global economic downturn last year, part of magnesium oxide enterprises profits fall off, plus facing overcapacity and rising costs, resources and environment constraints, as well as the lack of innovation and so on many challenges, it is a challenging year of 2016 for magnesium oxide manufacturer. From a long-term perspective, one-stop service will become the future of the development trend.

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