High Pure Magnesium Oxide has Broad Prospect

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   The high pure silicon steel more than 99% is the best chemical raw material to produce oriented silicon steel sheets. In Japan, they used high pure silicon steel more than 98% at the very start. But at present, they have already use the high pure magnesium oxide min 99%. When the high-purity magnesium oxide used in the surface of silicon steel sheet, it can form an excellent insulating blanket, and enhance the insulating function of silicon steel sheet. The silicon steed grade magnesium oxide is high temperature annealing barrier during producing oriented silicon steel sheets. The following is the information from a expert of Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.
The high pure magnesium oxide with more than 99% content has a better thermal conductivity than high pure aluminium oxide. At present, the high pure aluminium oxide for ceramic integrated circuit equipment will be replaced by high pure magnesium oxide before long. The high-purity magnesium oxide is widely used in electronic industry, national defence industry and aerospace industry. The low-end industrial grade magnesium oxide can not meet the demands of high end modern industry. The underground cable which is used the high-pure magnesium oxide has very strong insulated function. What’s more, it can fight the damage from white ant, and extend durable years. In addition, it can be used in the fields of high grade glass, plastic, paint and other industries.
The high pure pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide can used for antacid and aperient in medicine industry. It can used for making the antacid. The magnesium oxide quality is far exceed the national quality specification of pharma grade magnesium oxide. The heavy metal, Pb, Hg, Cd and As are lower than 1ppm. In 2004, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, who is from taiwan, came to visit Meishen’s factory. After he tested magnesium oxide a bite, he said, “this magnesium oxide quality is excellent. Each tablet includes magnesium oxide, our magnesium oxide main exported from Israel.” Therefore, it has wide room to export the pharma grade magnesium oxide.
The market of silicon steel sheet is broad. Therefore, it is one of the key factors to sell high pure magnesium oxide to the foreign market. At present, there is less manufacturer to produce oriented silicon steel sheets. And it will have more and more oriented silicon steel sheets manufacturers before long. At that time, the silicon steel grade magnesium oxide will have a very large development space.


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