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Every year almost 25,000 students sit the UKCAT examination, which is considered one of the major pre university exam in the UK. Students who have been dreaming about getting their desired medics school, should understand that it takes a lot of effort and preparation to crack such examination. The tests are held up and down the country, in special examination venues, between July and September every year. From reasoning, quantitative tests to comprehension and analysing shapes – the UKCAT is a vigorous examination aiming to test your aptitude.

If you are one of the UKCAT aspirants then, here are some mistakes you must avoid in the examination-

1) Don’t waste your time on just one question, if you are stuck try and make an educated guess and move on – there is no negative marking!

2) Do not panic with time pressure – keep calm and try and understand each question as fully as possible. Remember EVERYONE struggles with timing in the UKCAT.

3) Familiarise yourself with the official preparing for UKCAT mock and the computer system – it could save you precious time on the big day.

4) Try to flag the difficult question and leave them till last as these question are there to consume your time. All questions are weighed equally so answering a hard question does not give you any extra marks.

Some say you cannot prepare for UKCAT as it is an aptitude test. Although this statement is partially correct – practise does make perfect. You can definitely improve your score by using the right resources and preparing correctly. There are many books and UKCAT Online Resources to help you excel in the UKCAT. UKCAT Doctors offer a great, high yield, full day course to help students improve their UKCAT score. Their formulae is tried and test and they help thousands of students every year secure their place into university.

About UKCAT Doctors-

They are a group of medical students, doctors and dentists from the best medical schools in the UK who have a passion to teach and pass on our knowledge. The whole team were sitting the UKCAT just a few years ago and are in the best place to tell you exactly what you need to do to ace your UKCAT! They offer UKCAT preparation courses and UKCAT practice questions.

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