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March 22, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health-Fitness

We may have opted advanced life style and scientific way of living but everything is not rational and scientific. Origin of the human species and survival of it is as much mystical as it is rational. Our body, our soul and the energy inside us are the components of our existence which neither belongs to chemicals nor to technology, then why to depend on chemicals and technology for everything. Inner immune of energy allows energetic healing to the human species and also helps in surpassing all their problems, diseases and sentiments without having support from any outer component.

Our body is a combination of energies; we are made of small energy components. 7 major energy chakras are present in our body which controls the functioning of the body and mind. Sometimes those energies also get in trouble because of ignorant human life style. Every effect and reaction of body and soul take place because of energy. When we start attracting negative and bad energies then our body faces extreme troubles and to overcome those troubles chakra healing Melbourne is very important.

To heal your energy, to improve your physical health and to give your life stability, an awakened energy healer named Master Jie is available in Melbourne, Australia. He is a practitioner and a believer of holistic health healing. Through meditation and self awakens, Master Jie has developed or rather say blessed with the Third Eye which gives him the power of locating energy blockages in any part of the human body by touch and sight. This is known as the chi energy healing and Master Jie has mastered this skill. Master Jie is able to transfer chi energy into the body of others and he performs this in energy healing sessions, which he takes in Australia.

About Master Jie

Master Jie got enlightenment in 2010, and since then he is working to give holistic health Melbourne to the people. He is a member of International Energetic healing association and believes in improving person’s health in natural way. To know more about Master Jie and about his upcoming healing sessions do visit Master Jie’s website:


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