Foil Laminates Market Volume Analysis, size, share and Key Trends 2018 – 2026

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Global Foil Laminates Market Overview

Foil laminates are the multilayer films of plastics or paper with one of the thin layer of metal. This additional layer of metal adds to the attractive aesthetics of the packaging. Moreover, the metal layer provides moderate barrier properties against moisture. Various other properties in addition to these have created wide applications for the foil laminates in multiple industries. These factors have contributed to the well-established foil laminates market globally.

Metals possesses some of the superior physical properties such as moisture barrier, luminosity, high strength and others. As it is difficult to produce the required thickness of metal for flexible packaging, therefore, a thin coating of metals on the plastics or paper provides the solution for flexible metal packaging. Moreover, foil laminates weigh lower due to the low density of paper and plastics.

Market share of metals in packaging is considerably high, and most of it is used in flexible packaging products.

Global Foil Laminates Market Developments

The application of thin metal layer on different materials results in enhanced properties and better aesthetics. Although, the layer of the metal provide moderate barrier properties, the application of metal layer on high barrier material results into a packaging product with superior barrier properties, which is desirable in premium cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, packaged food and some other packaging applications. The liquid packaging cartons, especially for dairy products, are attracting the end-consumers leading to the inclination in the growth rate of demand. As most of the liquid packaging cartons are made up of foil laminates, the liquid packaging cartons are expected to create a large opportunity for foil laminates market during the forecast period. Moreover, the development of printing technology has enabled the printing of high-quality creative graphics, which has found applications in interior and decorations.

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Global Foil Laminates Market Segmentation

The global foil laminates market can be segmented by the material type as

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tin

Aluminum foil laminates are estimated to account for the largest share in global foil laminates market due to high machinability, low weight and low cost as compared to other foil laminates.

The global foil laminates market can be segmented by the end-user industry as

    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Personal care & cosmetics
    • Healthcare
    • Tobacco
    • Consumer goods
    • Others
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The food industry is expected to account for the largest share in foil laminates market driven by the demand of barrier flexible packaging. High demand for packaging for liquid foods and beverages has driven the demand for foil laminates to produce liquid packaging cartons.

The global foil laminates market can be segmented by packaging type as

      • bags
      • Stick packs
      • li style=”box-sizing: border-box;”>Flow packs

      • Liquid packaging cartons
      • High lid cartons
      • Others

Other than the application in food packaging, sachets are widely used in consumer goods and cosmetic products. Majority of the high lid cartons are consumed by the tobacco industry for the packaging of cigarettes.

The global foil laminates market can be segmented by printing technique as

      • Offset
      • Flexography
      • Engraving
      • Letterpress
      • Screen
      • Digital
      • Others

Flexography and offset printing methods are majorly adopted for the printing of foil laminates. With the application of primer and other chemicals, the foil laminates can be printed with the same ease as paper and polymers.

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The global foil laminates market can be segmented by the geographical regions as

      • North America
      • Latin America
      • Western Europe
      • Eastern Europe
      • Middle East & Africa
      • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
      • Japan

Asia Pacific region, specifically China is the largest producer of aluminum and stainless steel in the world. Thus, the cost of most of the metals is lowest in the region as compared to others. Moreover, high manufacturing capability of the Asia Pacific region leads to high production of foil laminates. Also, a large number of packaging converting companies in the Asia Pacific led to a large market size of foil laminates in the region.

Global Foil Laminates Market Key Players

Some of the key players in the global Foil Laminates market are

      • Amcor Limited
      • Dunmore Corporation
      • Hindalco Industries Limited
      • Huawei Aluminium Co., Ltd
      • Eurofoil Luxembourg SA
      • Zhejiang Junma Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd
      • Carcano Antonio S.p.A
      • Assan Aluminum Industry and Trade A.
      • Ess Dee Aluminium Ltd
      • API GROUP
      • Winpak Ltd.

Amcor and Dunmore are some of the well-established global players which along with foil laminates provides a large number of other products. While, Hindalco, Huawei Aluminum, Eurofoil, and others are the key players of primarily aluminum foils and other foil laminates.

Some of the emerging players of the global Foil Laminates market are

      • Surya Products Ltd
      • Flexifoil Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
      • Connecticut Metal Industries
      • Neptco, Inc
      • ITW Foils Srl
      • Cedar Decor Pvt Ltd.
      • Junish Holdings LLC
      • Foil Laminate Industries Sdn Bhd
      • Griff Paper & Film

A large number of emerging players of foil laminates are established in Asia Pacific region due to the high availability of moderate capacity machines at highly economic prices along with low cost of metals and other raw materials. Large and further expanding packaging industry in the region has supported the emergence of a large number of regional foil laminates market.

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