Every Mountain Can Be Made Flat Including Everest

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Never allow anything under heaven to weigh you down. You must keep going, life EVERY MOUNTAIN CAN BE LEVELED

Even mountain Everest…..

Welcome to our world of encouragement, inspiration frustration, depression and upliftment. The world is a mixture. You only need to be something bad situation, there are several good experiences else where, you only have to be selective, shift your position or your focus and begin to experience something differently.

must continue. Discouragement has nothing good for you. That’s the more reason why you should never make it your guest or ever visit the house of discouragement, nobody does it unharmed it’s extremely harmful to be living in discouragement or below the belt. It does not defeat anyone because; no good can come out of such harbor.

Others may have bad words for you, but my words are a balm to smoothing your scares and wounds. You have what it takes to be anything under heaven, you just head to give yourself sometime and bother to find out certain things necessary and be spiritual by taking some extra steps in prayers and consulting your creator who has good things always for you.

If someone tells you what not lifting you, you have the authority and choice to reject such a nonsense statement. “That is not for me” should be your answer and automatically detect such from your memory if you dare harbor negative thought or statements, it will get you down soonest. That’s why you should always filter what comes into your mind every time if you wish to live longer and fulfill your destiny on the surface of earth.

My friend, every mountain can be leveled if you can employ the right equipment, therefore, don’t let allow anything to weigh you down. Don’t let fear rule your life. You can be bold enough if you really choose to be. You can be rich enough (Physically or Spiritually) if you choose to be, You can be a good father or mother, if you choose to be, you can be good boss, if you choose to be, you can be a good worker, if you choose to be, you can be a good wife or husband, if you choose to be, you can be a good citizen of this country, if you choose to be stop the compromise now, and select the best for your life and situation. Be today what befits you, be today what is best for you. Be today what can make this generation the best ever. You can be if you choose to be.

Someone are not happy with their present circumstances, yes, it can be so, but you can shift and be happy the next moment. You may be crying for one pain, loss or otherwise, yes its painful to cry; but must you be crying for life? No, you can choose to stop crying. You can decide to wipe out your tears? You can decide to gather the broken relationship and start a fresh. You can summon new courage that can bring a better experience. Don’t say it’s hard. It may be hard but it’s possible to make a change and start afresh. At the count of every 10, you can start recounting life is continues. Nothing stops if even when a man died. Either life continues here or beyond. There can be a final full stop for now.

My friend, never be afraid of change, it is the only thing inevitable. Whether it is dark or bright today, tomorrow will definitely come. If you decide to get rid of yourself for any reason, because you have come to the end of the road, let me inform you, tomorrow will still come. There will be another day either for you to partake or be absent from. Why kill yourself? It does not worthy it.

No matter how good or bad today may be will not prevent tomorrow from emerging. No matter how tough it may be, another day will soon appear to wipe off the experiences of today really. That’s more reason why you don’t need to over stress yourself or get too depressed to continue your life no matter the situation for now. Tough time never last but tough people do if someone is reigning now, and it appears as if nobody will reign again, it’s never so, and there fellow will be enthroned tomorrow. If everyone is not for a single person, it’s for our world is for all. The bad and the good, the rich and the poor. The godly and ungodly. Life is a composition of many lexis and structures. Life is for all of us nobody can donate and embezzle everything. You just have to understand that as I advocate all the time. Don’t give yourself unnecessary hassles, what you many thing will be unresolved will be solved some days later somehow through some forces. Nothing is beyond the mercy and intervention of the supreme being. Just ensure that your life is under control never get yourself out of control. It is a great risk to allow that for whatever reason.

Get it right always, you don’t have problems but challenges. You don’t have a problem but an handle to fly or jump over. Every mountain can be leveled, including Mount Everest. It will only take sometimes or some miracles of faith and prayer. No wonder that our lord Jesus Christ said in the holy Bible that “if you have little faith like the seed f mustard, you can command a mountain to disappear into the sea, and it shall be so” faith and courage works better that worries and undue concerns.

Sometimes when we experience failure result of our actions, we may be afraid to change them or take a new step afresh. That is not supposed to be. We can’t remain in a situation for ever. We are made to move. Everything living is suppose to move and not to be stationary. Even the trees and plants that are living but cannot move about still grow. They don’t remain the same all the day long, why must you?

Being offered another chance to get thing better should never be seen as odd or scam or start saying “It’s too good to be true”. And, odds are, you made that judgment without any knowledge whatsoever, maybe you met someone who tried something like that once, and failed. Yes, there are scams out there, for sure, but does that makes everything a scam or everybody a scammer or 419 people… No 1

A Yoruba adage says “when you unfortunately fall down from the bad of a horse, you re http://goo.gl/EhP91a climb the horse. If you still have your life and strength.

Just imagine, there are crooks and defaulters all around, people still conduct businesses daily. There are crooked motor dealers, but everybody still buys cars somehow, they just try and avoid the worst dealers. They are selective. Each time someone offers you an opportunity, do yourself a big favor to bother to find out both the truth and facts behind such a juice offer. Checkout clearly for yourself. Are people being successful with it and helping their team to be successful?

You have a choice, you can be selective. Don’t be coarse into anything either, don’t judge opportunities by the failures, if some are successful. The person that served God and start singing that it’s not profitable must have done things wrongly in a way. Many people fail at university and many more find they qualified for something that they cannot get employed at or don’t like very much. It’s a matter of individuals and choice. Not everyone will succeed at what they do, because most people will not learn or apply the knowledge required or devote enough time to the assignment as required. It took God six days to create this earth our creator gave it all that it requires to form this world of ours and it was perfectly done. No wonder, on the seventh day, God had a rest. http://soundhealthproducts.blogspot.com

Do you give your life, business, marriage, family, education what it takes to be? You can be what you are made to be. You can get your mountain leveled to the ground. Yes! You can learn today to build a well fulfilling life that everyone will behold and praise God for. I mean a life of value, of feeling worthwhile, of contributing. A life of satisfaction, success and smoothness can be your portion. You just need to be selective and go for what your life really deserves.

As tall as mountain Everest, the highest in the world is, can be leveled if we choose to make it so. It will only take sometime and efforts.http://goo.gl/EhP91a












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