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Estate Planning when you have a Special Needs Child

January 21, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Having a child with a disability can often be a surprising blessing to many families who have gotten the chance to feel the love and connection that comes from living in that kind of situation. A child with a disability will likely grow up to be an adult with special needs. This matters to you as parents because if your child cannot take care of himself as an adult, then you need to think about who will. Preparing for your child’s future is the best way to ensure his protection and continued happiness. This is why it’s important to seek out your elder lawyer Toms River to discuss your special needs planning Toms River.

If you are a parent getting older or even if you are still young but are the sole guardian of a special needs child, you need to plan for the worst. If you were in an accident, or for whatever reason could not take care of your child, what would happen? Don’t leave it to chance! Talking with your elder law attorney Toms River can help to dispel some of those concerns by actually making plans to deal with them. This is why it’s so important to discuss special needs planning Toms River with your elder law attorney Toms River.

For instance, if something should happen to you, who would be responsible for caring for your child? This is something every parent should think about, but especially if your child is special needs. Legally, if you wrote out no will or power of attorney, the responsibility goes to your nearest relative. The closest family relation, though, may not be the best choice. Depending on the needs of your child, moving her to a new location to be with far away family may not be in her best interest. This is something you need to discuss with your elder lawyer Toms River.

Elder law attorneys Toms River will be able to help you write a legally binding document that protects the needs of your child and ensures she will be taken care of in your absence. This is a way for you to protect and love your child long after you are gone. We all know that unforeseen circumstances can hit at any time and so speaking with your elder lawyer Toms River about special needs planning Toms River allows you and your beloved child to be protected against the unforeseen.

Speaking with your elder law attorney Toms River will also ensure that there are funds available to be able to cover any medical needs or care your child may have as well as set up who is responsible for treatments. By speaking with your elder lawyer Toms River, you make sure that your child will have the best care and future available.

So the next time you are thinking about special needs planning Toms River, contact your elder law attorney Toms River for help and let him or her put your mind at ease and protect your special needs child now and in the future.

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