Environmental Protection and Industrial Health of MgO

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In many times, maybe you are worried about he production of chemical enterprises. Someone thinks that it will cause serious pollution for our living environment. Therefore, some people is very exclusive for chemical enterprise. As a matter of fact, the chemical enterprise is not so terrible as you imaging. Once we work on environmental protection and industrial health well, it is can be preventable. As the largest magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier, therefore, how does Meishen work on the environmental protection and industrial health of magnesium oxide?
Production of Materials
Meishen Technology adopts brine ammonium method to produce light magnesium oxide. The wash water produced by it includes a little ammonium. The existence of ammonium is damage to the environment. Therefore, according to the scale of production, Meishen Technology sets up the ammonium recovery package to recycle. During production of dolomite carbonation to produce light magnesium oxide, it will generate a lot of waste residue. That is magniferous calcium carbonate. In the mountainous areas, the magniferous calcium carbonate often causes debris flow disaster or pollute the environment. Meishen Technology adopts new technology of carbonation. For the magniferous calcium carbonate , Meishen can multipurpose uses it, and then, produce light calcium carbonate. The light calcium carbonate plays an important role in the fields of rubber, papermaking, plastic, oil paint and so on. Therefore, it can change waste material into things of value.
End Product Manufacturing
During the high temperature calcination, when adding the material, the high temperature furnace top will evaporate a lot of high-temperature steam. You should prevent burn face or hands. Therefore, it should prevent from the out-rushing material in the discharge hole. You face must not aim to the discharge hole. What’s more, during production, in order to guarantee security, Meishen prepares protection suits, protective eyewears and protective gloves for every employee. During smash working, the dust will overflow. Therefore, Meishen Technology sets seal and isolate workshop, and stipulates employees to wear protective masks.

As an excellent magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, Meishen Technology obtained the customer trust and praise because their strong community, good quality, characteristic management of many varieties and the principle of small profits. It has reasonable magnesium oxide price, and is improving and innovating constantly.

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