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The technology is improving day by day. The hackers are also becoming smarter at the same time. Hence, one should be a couple of steps ahead of the hackers. The existing PGP security is a good one. It takes care of message encryption. This entails that your messages are encrypted. However, it has its drawbacks. Let us look at the drawbacks and see how the ECC 521 system can help you in this record.

The existing system has a major drawback in that it does not encrypt the details of the sender and recipient information. It also leaves the message header intact. In addition, it does not encrypt the messages that the phone has with the transit servers. Hence, the messages remain exposed thereby increasing the risk of hacking. As the message headers and the other vital information remain intact, an intelligent hacker will be able to join the dots and hence your data is at risk. The ECC 521 system works on the system of Elliptical Curve Cryptography, an advanced security algorithm.

The system ensures that it encrypts every part of the message including the message header as well as the sender / recipient information. It also ensures to encrypt the exchanges between the servers and the phone. Therefore, there is no chance of any hacker gaining access to the system.

The existing PGP system had the system of using access codes as well. However, you had to depend on the service providers to generate the access codes. This brings a third party into the play. You never know the credentials of these service providers. They have access to your data. That is more important. They can misuse the data if they so decide. Hackers can have a deal with such rogue service providers thereby posing a great risk to your data.

The present ECC 521 system has a system of using access codes as well. There is a small difference between the ECC 521 and the PGP systems. In the ECC 521, you have the facility to add your own access codes without involving the service providers. Hence, you eliminate the service providers from the picture. Thus, there is no third party interference at all. Hence, your data is absolutely safe.

As you generate your access codes on your own, you are in a position to maintain absolute security. No one else except you have knowledge of the codes. Thus, you have safety of the highest order. Of course, prudence says that you do not share your access codes with others. No one expects you to do so. However, there can be circumstances when you might have to do so. We shall look at the repercussions of doing so in another article. We shall also see how this system allows you to subvert the issue.

These are advanced features not available in the existing system. This system is an improvement on the existing security system. You need to progress with the advanced technology and adopt the requisite security measures to safeguard your data.


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