Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing

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Instagram being the number one visual content marketing platform that connects businesses to their customers, potential customers and fans has seen significant growth over the years. This makes its number of users increase on a daily basis. Research also shows that 59% of users come online daily. This means that there is a lot of engagement on this platform daily. Here in this article we would be discussing the dos and don’ts of Instagram marketing. This will help you in precisely making moves when increasing the number of Instagram followers.

What you should do?

Even if you don’t take anything home, make sure you take this. Always post high quality engaging content. Instagram is a visual content marketing platform, so your pictures speak for you. Never post any image that is blurry or pixelated. You can also buy Instagram followers on Mr. Insta

Tell a story with your page and posts. Your posts should be able to tell people about your brand. No matter what niche of business you are into, always look forward to giving out the best. Let your post tell stories about you. Engage with your followers and give your business a persona.

Instagram is like a mutual-aid community, it isn’t a one way street. You have to engage with other users also. Be active, like and comments on posts. Engage with your followers, give them avenues to advertise on your page. Like posts from random accounts and help the community grow bigger.

You have one unique friend on Instagram; hashtags. They are like the driving force on Instagram. They take your posts to a wider audience. You can create hashtags relating to your brand, promotion, and contest. This way you can measure your campaign ROI, and also generate engagement for your account at the same time.

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What you shouldn’t do?

Don’t bug you followers or customers with your update. You should be able to plan your updates in such a way that your followers anticipate to see your next post. Don’t just throw everything out all at once. You can make use of Instagram Scheduler, this app would be very useful in this.

Don’t get complacent with your image size, dimension and quality. Instagram is all about pictures, so make sure you deliver the best. Pictures are the best option for getting free Instagram likes.

Don’t overdo it with your posts. Your customers already know that you’re a brand. Most times they are most interested in what you have to offer. Do not toy with your customer engagement rate.

Never ever pass someone else post as your own. This will not help you in anyway. Also, do not use too many hashtags for a particular post. Remember, you don’t own any hashtag on Instagram even you are the one who created it. Do not neglect your customers for any reason; respond to their requests and questions promptly.

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