Developing Hot Points: Extra Fine High Pure MgO

November 15, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

The extra fine high pure magnesium oxide is a kind of new material which is developing recently. And high pure magnesium oxide generally refers to the MgO which has more than 99.9% of content. It is mainly used in the high end fields. Its high end products are widely applied in large scale integrated circuit, fiber optic, laser light, spaceflight, military science and so on. Therefore, high pure magnesium oxide is a very important material in these industries.
The extra fine high pure magnesium oxide has a lot of advantages, such as small size, large specific surface area, high chemical purity, good fillibility and so on. Depending on the superior performance, it has widely applications in the rubber, engineering plastics, medicine, daily use chemical and other industries. What’s more, it provides new material basic guarantee and technical assurance.

As a professional magnesium oxide supplier, in Meishen’s opinion, the magnesium oxide develops with downstream high end application market. It has more and more strict requirements for quality and stability. High pure magnesium oxide will be the base material of electron industry in the 21st century.

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