Defend Yourself from Lethal Attacks and Gun Shots through Body Armor

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Body armors have been in use since a long time when the most chaotic wars and riots have shaken the very existence of humanity. It is one of the protective gears commonly used by soldiers, military men, warriors and various law enforcing officers to defend themselves from deadly attacks of enemies. It is always essential to understand the importance of these armors in a civilized life as well. Today, the crime rate is increasing in every part of the world and that’s why being a security personnel you need to carry some strong safety gear like body armor that helps you to protect from explosives and gun shots.

Suppose burglars or robbers enter your home and you need to defend yourselves. In such a situation there is no other protection gear than body armor helping you to safeguard from possible bullet attacks. Such body armors nowadays come in various shapes and sizes, you need not to mention regarding its protection level and style of vest.

From bullet proof helmets to bullet proof vests, such body armors allow you great deal of protection and are mainly made in two major styles- either covert or overt. The covert vest armors feature moisture wicking material and can be worn under clothing. Other style is overt one, which is simply thicker and well suitable for security personnel. Both the body armors are made with materials like Kevlar that can absorb good amount of energy. The armor contains strong layers of fibers, which can deform the effect of bullet or can even trap it within these fibers.

There are several online retailers offering different types of protection gears and accessories to protect you from any kind of dangers. Premier Body Armor is one such online shop from where you can shop personal armor products such as plate carriers, premier level III & armor plates, and ballistic plates too. Over experience of several years, they manufacture complete body armor system. Perhaps, the entire range of premier body armor products available there are USA manufactures

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