Characteristics Which Makes LED Lighting a Better Illumination Option

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The use of LEDs, also known as light emitting diode, is becoming very popular when it comes to household illumination. Although LEDs have been around for very long time, it was only during the past few years when LEDs was introduced for the purpose of residential lighting.

Today, more and more home owners are considering LED lighting solutions for their homes because LEDs are more energy efficient and cost effective compared to other lighting options. LEDs are popular also because they can be used for the purpose of decoration. LED lighting look simple yet classy when it comes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the area they are installed in. Kitchen LED strip light and other similar products often get used by homeowners to get appealing interior.

However, apart from these major advantages, there are some other benefits that LED lighting is known to yield.

  • Long Life span/Durable

Regular light bulbs typically last for about 1,000 hours while LED bulbs last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This means, if you are using LED bulbs, then you don’t have to replace lighting of your home frequently. LEDs are highly rugged and resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibrations. LED lights are more damage resistant than all other counterparts.

  • No UV or Infrared Emissions

LEDs are very eco friendly. LED lighting is made of crystals that convert electricity into light. The energy is powered by a technology that allows LED bulbs to maximize energy efficiency. Also, LEDs don not produce harmful infrared lighting or ultraviolet radiation they only produce very little amounts of heat.

  • Available in a Wide Range of Shapes and Colour

Apart from white, LED bulbs are also available in a wide range of different colours, like blue, green and red. With colourful bulbs you can illuminate your homes in unique and creative ways. LEDs are also available in different shapes, making them perfect for decorative purposes.

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