Can You Trust 180Fusion Reviews? Some Might Argue No

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According to Time, many websites may use the familiar five-star rating system for online reviews, but what the stars mean on one website is different from another. The New York Times reported that one business has made it its mission to receive nothing but one-star reviews simply to defy Yelp. Can you trust 180Fusion reviews or any other for that matter? Maybe not as much as you thought you could, which is why it’s important to deal directly with any business.

When Five Stars Isn’t Really Five Stars

A Time article pointed out a very distressing issue with any online review system, and that is one size does not fit all. For example, if you leave a three-star review on Amazon, a person reading it will equate the stars as “average.” According to Time, if you leave a three-star review on Uber, you might get the driver fired. This is confusing and concerning. Why would anyone give an average driver an above-average rating, and how does a person reading the review know that three stars on Amazon is okay, but three stars on Uber is bad?

Another concerning trend Time pointed out is created by ranking systems such as Uber’s: People leave good reviews because they feel guilty. If a person realizes that an average review on the ride-sharing website will get a driver fired, he or she might be more forgiving and rate the driver higher than the driver deserved. This holds true across the board. Time points out that many people give higher stars simply because they feel bad otherwise.

The Flip Side to This Coin

Of course, there is always a flip side to giving good reviews out of guilt, and that is purposely giving bad reviews, which is why when reading 180Fusion reviews or any other, a person must be discerning. The New York Times printed an amusing piece about a San Francisco restaurant that is taking aim at Yelp for refusing to allow it to opt out of the website’s review system. Rather than encourage people to leave positive reviews, it begs its customers to leave one-star reviews, and it has plenty of them.

Has it hurt the business? No. As a matter of fact, business has grown as a result of the negative feedback, most of which is made up, which, too, is a problem with online reviews. Many people leave negative feedback that is exaggerated or, worse, falsified for reasons that are not valid. In fact, websites such as Amazon and Yelp have had to crack down on false or solicited reviews to improve their authenticity, which begs anyone to ask the question: Can you trust online reviews?

The answer is yes and no. It’s important to read what a user says about a business carefully rather than simply look at the stars. More importantly, however, is to contact 180Fusion directly and talk with them about any negativity you see expressed in 180Fusion reviews. This gives this company the opportunity to address the negative feedback and alleviate your concerns. In fact, you owe it to any business to do this.

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