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Buy Holiday-Themed Wholesale Gifts and Home Decor Items

December 29, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

When the holiday season approaches, people begin their search for the perfect gift to present friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and other loved ones. For many, this means shopping for beautiful wall art, sculptures, collectible figurines, entertaining aids, candles and other home decor items. Veteran retailers understand that fall and winter are ideal for purchasing the most sought-after wholesale gifts, which will boost sales and present exciting opportunities for expanding a client base. If shoppers discover an inviting store in which they can purchase meaningful, well-constructed and competitively priced items, they will return over and over if the selection continues to impress.

The holiday season calls for extraordinary home decorating. Everyone wants the exterior and interior of their house to exhibit the warmth and cheer which they feel in their hearts. They go to great lengths to ensure the tree is trimmed, lights and wreaths are hung, candles are lit, music is playing in the background and cocoa is heating on the stove. Owners of gift and floral shops and other retail establishments must be ahead of the curve and proactively plan so their shelves are full of the types of items consumers want and need and, most importantly, purchase.

A Wide Array of Gifts

Maintain an inventory of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year gifts and decorating options, depending on specific needs in a shop’s geographical area. These may include beautiful figurines, greeting cards, show pieces and others which are of interest to people of every age. As with all purchases, these goods should be sourced from a reputable wholesaler.

Candles and Scents

Many beautiful candles are available on today’s market—each with a different style, size, shape, scent, color and price-point. Most of these candles require a decorative candleholder to complete the look, creating dual-sale opportunities for shop owners who stock them.

Decorative Accents

Small and understated additions are often important for completing a desired look or theme. Consumers expect stores to sell what they need, including garland, frames, individual ornament displays, vases, lights, bells, art and more. Carrying stock of unique pieces which shoppers have never seen before ensures sales, repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth marketing.


Many Americans celebrate special holidays and occasions by imbibing and interesting barware is always in demand—both for purchase by a host and as a nice gift for a host. Examples of popular barware include cocktail shakers, wine stoppers, decanters, coasters, wine glasses, bottle corsages, wine charms, and coolers.

Retailers understand that purchasing inventory from wholesalers has a significant effect on their bottom line. When owners want to line store shelves with the finest selection of gifts and home décor products—distinctive, durable, cost-effective and guaranteed—they partner with DEMDACO. For over twenty years, DEMDACO has been supplying remarkable and inspirational products to exceptional shops across the country. DEMDACO understands that business is more than simply a financial endeavor and places importance on the human element and developing lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with each partner.


DEMDACO is renowned for bringing distinctive home accents and special gifts wholesale to small businesses across the globe. Founded by Demi and Dave Kiersznowski, DEMDACO offers a wide selection of tailor-made goods celebrating life, home, family and friends.

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DEMDACO believes every product creates a conversation, every service creates a smile. DEMDACO hopes to participate in the meaningful moments of people’s lives. We don’t create these moments, we just hope to make them a little better. DEMDACO’s purpose statement is very simple: to pursue business the way it ought to be. We realize that this compass setting requires constant evaluation and calibration, and we realize that we fall short of our goal every day. But we’re committed to the notion that business does not have to be solely a financial endeavor. It is first, and foremost, a human endeavor. DEMDACO is your online source for wholesale home decor accessories and unique gifts at very competitive prices.

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