Being Passive-Aggressive Won’t Solve Your 180fusion Complaints

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Business and the Internet now go hand in hand. Even if you’re a major retailer, more people shop at your online marketplace than in your brick-and-mortar stores. The year 2017 is seeing a huge retail meltdown. Businesses are closing their physical locations and malls are scrambling to reinvent themselves. To market a business online, search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is crucial, and experts such as 180fusion are ready to help design strategies. Unfortunately, the Internet is also a huge grumble box, but a passive-aggressive approach to your 180fusion complaints will not help you or them.

According to Google…

If you Google 180fusion’s name, you’ll see both positive and negative reviews written about this online marketing company. It’s hard to tell who had a valid complaint and who was blowing off steam. This is one reason why online reviews aren’t always helpful. Sometimes, rather than approach a business directly to express discontent, people simply vent online. This does not give a business a chance to rectify a concern, which is why a passive-aggressive approach, such as leaving a snarky comment on a website never solves your problem.

You Must Go Straight to the Source

Notice something else as you browse your Google search results: Many people not only rave about 180fusion, they also express content with how the company handles any 180fusion complaints. This is a good sign for you, the future customer. When you approach this business with your marketing needs, knowing it makes certain its existing customers remain happy, you can rest assured it will treat you with respect, as well. A business is only as good as its customer base, and one that attempts to rectify any discontent is one that understands this.

What if something does go wrong?

Of course, nobody bats 1000 all the time and any business can make a mistake, no matter how much it loves its customers. Should something go awry, you can never be passive. Yes, you might feel better if you visit an online review site and leave a scathing diatribe that singes peoples’ eyebrows as they read it, but unless you go directly to the source, it can’t fix it. The passive approach never solves your problem; in fact, it delays the solution.

This does not mean, however, that you should call up anybody, no matter whom, and start screaming. Think about how you feel when somebody loses his or her temper at you before affording you an opportunity to make something right. Being overly aggressive isn’t a good approach, either. Rather, contacting the company directly and expressing whatever your concern might be in a calm manner gives both of you a chance to problem-solve and come up with the best solution.

So, why is this so important to you? Because if the company isn’t made aware of any 180fusion complaints you might have, it cannot fix them and you cannot benefit from its solutions. Remember, this company is in business to help you promote your business, so keep the lines of communication open so everyone knows that each marketing approach is working as expected.

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