Basic Understanding of the Christian Faith and Where to find it

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Christianity is based upon certain beliefs. These beliefs are based on a set understanding of the teachings of Jesus and the account of the Jewish records before. The Christian faith helps followers (Christians) understand that God is real and that he loves them. Christian followers believe that God is love and every time they feel love, it reassures them that God loves them, unconditionally.

Christians believe that sin and the turning away form Gods preferred ways separated us from being able to be in a relationship with God. Christians believe that Jesus, God’s own Son had to give up his life in a way for a continued relationship between humans and God to be possible, and that we can enter into this relationship by acknowledging what Jesus has done for us. God loves everyone equally and in order to pay the penalty for the people’s sins Jesus sacrificed his own life. Jesus in his human life, preached people about how one can live a sinless life. Jesus helped people understand the importance of helping each other out and when the time came was sacrificed in order to pay the penalty for the sins of all.

Christians also believe that God has paid for the sins of all humans and it is up to the humans to now live and walk in relationship with and in accordance with the path of God. This path is open to all humans and gives them a chance to revamp the society and move towards a sinless life.

There are many websites that offer information about the Christianity and one such website is The website provides the basic understanding of the Christian religion and also provides links to websites that offer further knowledge.

About is a website providing knowledge about the Christian faith along with links to other websites that provide detailed knowledge of The Bible and Jesus’ teachings. The website also provides links to websites where the Christian faith can be explored further. For more information on Christianity, log on to:

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