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Website: https://www.shiba.pro/

About Author: Here at Shiba Inu Domus Annia we define an ethical house because the idea of breeding fails. Our Shiba Inu lives with us, in the same spaces, sharing with us the moments of daily life. Puppies are part of us and we want new owners to adhere to our quality and organizational standards. The goal of the site is to make culture as many people do not know yet what a pedigree to make it an example.

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Nurture Your Shiba Inu with Optimum Care

November 10, 2017 | Posted in Uncategorized

If you are looking to adopt a cute dog, then the Shiba Inu pup is the most delightful breed both to raise and train at home. From the moment they take birth till all the stages of their growing up, they are very curious about the surroundings around them. They immediately begin to explore and …