Applications of Ground Support Equipment and Services in Aviation Industry

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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is a comprehensive system used to support the operations of airports and airplanes on the ground, terminals and airbases. GSE is utilized in different capacities by MRO, FBO, military airline and general aviation providers to service both aircraft and terminal facilities. Ground support equipment and services are not directly linked to the actual flying of aircraft, but they facilitate the efficient operation of related functions such as cabin services, passenger transportation and safety, power transportation, aircraft maintenance and much more. The primary functions of GSE include aircraft mobility, ground power operations, passenger transition operations and others.

GSE is also comprised of ground handling equipment, specifically the tools and devices needed to test, adjust, inspect, measure, repair and support aircraft and vehicles. Additionally, GSE aids in the assembly, disassembly, transportation and storage of airport machinery at airbase and airport terminals. The aircraft ground power unit, aircraft tugs, belt loaders, aircraft lighting and related safety equipment are primary elements of GSE. A few of the tasks and services associated with GSE include:

  • Cleaning of aircraft cabins
  • Replace on-board washables and consumables
  • Perform security checks
  • Handling of baggage and cargo
  • Maintain and repair ground power supply

GSE addresses the specific requirements of passenger aircraft and other associated vehicles while parked at terminals. Efficiency, accuracy, and speed are essential factors when it comes to ground support services and key to minimizing aircraft turnaround times.

The myriad activities of a ground operations system require a large inventory of equipment. Examples of supported activities include cargo loading, passenger loading, lavatory drainage, refueling, engine examination and maintenance. Similarly, support equipment includes aircraft tug, cargo tow trick, bypass pins, down lock pins, rectifier, lavatory trucks and other equipment.

Airlines and aviation-related entities are increasingly outsourcing ground support activities to specialized handling agents or GSE products and service providers to bring about fast, safe and improved overall aviation operations. By effectively maintaining GSE and related systems, a large chunk of the work is done. A company keeping a close eye on its bottom line can minimize its cash outlay on GSE, as a handful of companies sell—and even rent and lease—used and refurbished GSE.

One such well-known company within the GSE sector is AERO Specialties. It its nearly 30 years in business, AERO has become an industry leader and is widely recognized for:

  • Manufacturing new industrial-grade and high-quality GSE
  • Distributing meticulously tested used and refurbished equipment
  • Offering a variety of specialized aircraft GSE for rental
  • Providing one of the largest selections of Ramp Safety Equipment
  • Understanding of the entire aircraft handling and maintenance process
  • Readiness to assist and advise on the right equipment for customers’ needs

Leading FBO, MRO, military and corporate airlines across the globe are among the over 21,000 clients of AERO Specialties.

About AERO Specialties:

AERO Specialties is the top supplier of OEM GSE for aircraft and airports. It is an authorized distributor of Eagle Tugs aircraft tugs, TLD GSE, Unitron Frequency Converters and many other specialized products. AERO Specialties is proud of its unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction and works tirelessly to exceed clients’ expectations.

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