Amazing,Money Is Flying Everywhere !

Money is flying about

People say “Money is scarce”. Don’t agree with them. That notion may not be correct. If you know how to work my system money will not be scarce for you. Money will be your regular visitor.

Money is like a flying bird. It is flying everyday, day and night. Whether during raining season or dry season, people are making their money. Today, money is flying around, are you able to catch yours? What have you done to catch it? You need to catch it, those who need money daily must be fully prepared to catch it. Look, you need wings to fly and your wings are systematic actions to attract money.

Everybody should be able to sit down and device various means to attract money. To get money daily, you must do something reasonable.

In creating the money you need everyday, give the world your best, and your world will give you the best. Your talents and actions are your gifts and when you express those wonderful gifts, the world opens up to you. Look, if you can develop your talents, people and resources will come to you.

‘Believe in MONEY, your physical Existence depends on it.

Look, your believe about money will determine your experience financially; you can get what you like. Money is essential to a better existence.

Once of the valuable wisdom I have learn is to always attract money.


However, if you want to attract the money you need daily, you must have a strong believe and conviction that the money in the Central Bank belong to you.’ You must speak the language of money with positive affirmative and fearless. If you don’t believe in daily money making, you can’t have the experience. Therefore, change your wrong believe about money today. Agree with me that you can be making money daily. You have to be Counting Money Daily

Money is crucial both in business and normal life. Money is the life-wire. Money exchanges hand on daily basis.

Imagine, at the start of a day, money begins to fall like rain. When it is raining, only those who have tank or drum will have a reservoir of it. The size depend on each individual.

In the same way, there are money in circulation for you at any given day. Billions of naira of dollars in the circulation held by individuals and institutions.

There is money in circulation at every point in time. How are you tapping it on daily basis?

My system states: Tap every opportunity to make money: it is a great pity that money kept flowing away in front of some people like flood untapped. Such people have the big opportunity to make money either in their houses, church or mosques, working places, on the street and other avenues. If rain water should pass in front of you untapped, you are the loser. Chances not utilized are chances wasted completely. Therefore, if there is a thing you can put in place or do to making money daily and you fail to do such, you will blame yourself at the end of the day should be fetching out of the money in circulation everyday non-stop.

How big or small your bucket for collective the “Money water” will be determined by the size of your creativity, investment or businesses (small, medium or large).

Make it a daily assignment to tap from the money in circulation. We live on money daily. Do not suffer yourself any longer. Put some things in place that can be fetching you money.


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