A Look on How Android Has Changed the World

May 29, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Many of us remember how our parents used to carry those big brick sized phones in the initial days when wireless technology was slowly becoming a part of our regular lives. Being able to talk on phone without plugging it was definitely an amazing thing. Did you, at that time, ever imagine that things would change so much over the years that you would be seeing and carrying different versions of mobile phones.

The usage of mobile phones, is now a revolution all across the globe. Be it India, America or any other country for that matter, mobiles have brought everyone closer to technology and to each other. Android phones especially, have a major contribution in creating this revolution.

1) Sharing information is much easier
The applications which were initially available only for use on computers are now easily accessible on phones. Be it Facebook, twitter or any other social media platform. Also, news companies have come up with applications to keep their readers informed. With all this, the information spreads like fire. Any news update reaches everyone almost at the same time.

2) There are no boundaries in the virtual world
Life is all about experiences and we wonder how people actually survived without mobile phones and the applications we depend on for our everyday lives. Apps like translate, maps etc. have become a lifeline and there is no information that is just a tap away. Imagine going to a foreign land and getting lost. Scary as it is, the other perspective to it is one of the latest mobile phones that you have in your pocket. Internet connection plus all the apps that will help you move out of that place and find your way back is all you need.

3) Science is now easy
There are applications made by humans that are crushing humans in the games designed by humans. How cool do you think is that? An Android mobile phone is the house of all that is amazing and much more. Artificial intelligence is slowly taking shape and these things will prove as only starters in a few years to come.

Another context in terms of science is the learning apps provide that make studies much more fun for students. Also, there are interactive games that help children develop analytical skills.

Apart from all this, the general benefits that have made Android hugely popular amongst the masses are as follows:

1. Easy to operate
Simple operations make it easy to understand and operate. Flexible controls and customization are two of the biggest factors responsible for this.

2. Unlimited games and applications
One of the latest smartphones, a store by the name of Google Play and access to an unlimited supply of games and applications. What else could you ask for? With android, you can find anything of your interest and that too at no or minimal charges. This makes it one of the most successful operating systems of all time.

3) Cheap
Comparatively a lot cheaper than its counterparts and gives much more functionalities to utilize.

4) Developer’s favorite
Android is an open platform with a huge community backup and we don’t think there is anything else of more importance than that for a developer.


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