A Few Tips for Avoiding Binge-Eating as a Vegan

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Few things hurt more than falling off the dietary wagon. When people feel unable to restrict themselves to some type of food, it can lead to uncontrollable binge eating. Ironically, binge-eating is often the result of unreasonable food restrictions. When something is absolutely forbidden, temptation can become that much stronger.

Vegans are not immune to binge-eating. In the past, vegans had fewer food options than they do today. Thankfully, as more people adopt the vegan lifestyle, the number of plant-based food alternatives on the market has increased considerably.

Here are some strategies for avoiding binge-eating and dealing with intense cravings for junk food.

Why Do People Binge?

People can resort to binge-eating for several reasons. They include:

  1. Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or sad.
  2. Lacking nutrients and energy.
  3. Not being allowed to eat certain foods, feeling restricted.
  4. Being triggered repeatedly by certain situations.

Once people know what leads to binge-eating, they can take steps to keep it from happening.

3 Strategies for Preventing Binge-Eating

Here we are 3 powerful strategies to help vegans and others on their journey to food freedom:

  1. Eat nutritious food on a regular basis

One common reason why people binge and eat unhealthy foods is simple physical hunger. So-called fitness enthusiasts can obsess about cutting calories but forget to eat enough to stay healthy. Over time, they start craving the stuff that they deny their bodies. This can cause them to gobble up large quantities of junk food, which counteracts all their hard work—eating too much sugar and fat can cause stress and inflammation in the body.

To avoid binge-eating, people must give their bodies the nutrients which they need. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Non dairy protein bars can be a great snack option.

  1. Get Enough Rest

Stress can negatively impact digestion. Not getting enough rest and sleep can throw a person’s hormones out of whack. Hormonal imbalances can lead to increased hunger. In short, being sleep-deprived can increase the temptation to binge.

By getting enough rest, people will find it easier to eat healthy. Be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Also, take breaks throughout the day and eat products like a plant based protein powder.

  1. Keep the Eye on the Prize

People want to be healthy, happy and fit. However, getting the life that they want requires some work.

Transitioning from eating meat and other animal-based products to a plant-based lifestyle can be tricky, but it is not impossible. It helps to remember the benefits of long-term health goals as opposed to short-term pleasure. By imagining the healthy lifestyle and taking steps to reach it, people can feel less tempted to binge.

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