5 Tricks You Have Never Heard Of To Keep Your Skin Healthy

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Here are some great tricks for you to maintain healthy and supple skin.

Did You Know The Low-Tech Moisturizer Actually Work?

Although you might find it hard to believe, those small tubes of face creams your hotel offers can actually do something for you. Whatever type of emollient it is, you can expect it to work, meaning, plump your skin up at least on a temporary basis. A plumped up skin will help the fine lines and the wrinkles disappear. The experts recommend you invest in a moisturizer that includes a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15. You can opt out for a daily lotion that includes Shea butter and even glycerine.

Using a moisturizer will boost the mobility of the skin. You should always know to opt out for a lotion for daily use that comes with necessary ingredients to increase the turnover of the cells, encourage the growth of collagen and prevent the fundamentals that damage DNA of your facial skin.

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Drink Coconut Water!

Did you know that coconut water can do wonders for your skin? It will not only improve the hydration of your skin, it will also supply a necessary amount of electrolytes to your system. And do remember that hydration is only one of the many coconut water benefits. Once the skin is hydrated from within, the mesh-like network of protein that keeps the skin firm will continue to be intact. Natural and fresh coconut water is a great way to replace the harmful alcoholic drinks you chug on a daily basis.

Add a Workout Session to Your Weekly Schedule

Working out on a weekly basis will not only benefit your body but it will also benefit your skin. The skin will tighten up as you work out, oxygen capacity will increase throughout the body and brighten up the complexion of your skin. However, experts recommend not to clench the jaws and the throat because it would make the cords in the neck more visible and pull down the skin in your face.

It Is Always Sunny, All the Time

Just because you see that the sun is only halfway up and you are on the way to work, do not think that you are protected against sun damage. And do remember that UVB rays that are emitted by the sun do not penetrate through the windows in your home, your office or even your car like the UVA rays of the sun. Plus recent studies show that UVA rays are responsible for the carcinomas and the yellow and grey colour shade on the skins of the older people.

It’s Not Just the Sun That Can Burn You

Whatever expert SPF sunscreen you have in your hands, your skin would not be protected from the space heaters at office or even the fireplace in your home. Direct exposure of your skin to the heat placed two or three feet away will result in redness of your skin and breaking off of collagen in your skin. Sit at least 10 feet away from the heat.

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