5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Artificial Grass Installation

February 16, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Gardening, Home Improvement

It is beyond debate that every resident of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as well as everyone moving in would want to have a bit of green in and around where one lives or works. To be fair, the United Kingdom is still one of the greenest places on earth among the developed nations. But it is also true that retaining and maintaining that green is a daunting challenge. Residential and commercial property owners have to attend to their lawns, take good care of the grass and perhaps would have to hire an outdoor maintenance company for timely inspections and upkeep.

When you compare natural lawns with astro turf for gardens, you would easily see why the latter trumps the former. Let us check out five reasons why you should opt for artificial grass installation.

  • The first benefit is convenience. You would know that natural grass requires the right kind of soil, moisture, nutrition and also upkeep to grow well. You don’t want a dry or wilted, unhealthy or unsightly lawn. You don’t want vacant patches or dead grass, infested grass or weakly rooted grass. From understating the type of soil you have to the watering requirement, the challenges are rather demanding and modern lifestyles courtesy of professional compulsions don’t really leave many people with much time. Artificial grass installation doesn’t have such demands.
  • Preparing the soil and attending to it is also important when you have natural grass. From aeration to adding mulch or even fertiliser if needed will be a requisite you cannot ignore. There is a need to use pesticides and insecticides at times. This creates a further trouble of having the lawn unsafe for kids and pets. None of these problems exist with astro turf for gardens.
  • You may know that grass can be of any hue from dark green to light green, yellowish to brownish. The health of the grass, the type it is, whether or not it suits the climate and the soil atop which you have your property and the kind of maintenance you carry out will determine the exact hue and texture. It is one overwhelming and uncertain challenge that you can avoid altogether if you choose artificial grass installation.
  • You can have perennially green astro turf for gardens. There will be no impact of rain or the scorching heat of the sun, the biting cold or the dry patches. No wilting or drying, no dead grass and no need to mow the lawns.
  • You can also avoid hiring an outdoor maintenance company once you have competed artificial grass installation. This will save you substantially. The initial cost too is much less than what you would invest in having a pleasantly impressive natural lawn or garden.
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