3 GB RAM Mobile – A Perfect Answer To The Increasing Storage Needs

April 24, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not merely the means to communicate; the list of their functions is expanding considerably. The phones these days, better known as smartphones, are more like mini-computers these days. They are given the job of storing lots of data in the form of images, documents, music and even video files. Apart from the documents of various kinds, the phone needs space for various updates and other user-centric facilities. To meet all these objectives, it is advisable to buy 3GB RAM mobile phones.

Run various applications without hassles

An Android phone of the present generation is expected to be a multi-tasker. The phone user may require a gaming app, a music streaming app, a social media app and various system apps to run simultaneously. Such usage pattern does put a lot of pressure on the mobile phone resources. Eventually, the phone becomes slower and the user is forced to shut some applications off to let the device breathe. A 2GB ram mobile is found to be ineffective in handling such level of multi-tasking and thus, crashes down. Thus, a mobile phone with larger storage space is certainly the product that is the true representative of present generation phones.

Enable bio-metric identification

There are certain phones that are utilizing facial or finger-print scan recognition, or both for granting access to the user. It is seen as advancement over the present system of punching in the personal identification number. Though finding an alternative to personal identification number can be beneficial for the users with limiting memory, it needs the phone to save the biometric data to match with the inputs provided. Saving biometric data can eat up the space of a 2 GB RAM phone; thus, using a 3GB RAM mobile provides a need-based solution to the buyer.

Future-ready screens

TV industry has seen the invasion of 4K displays in the luxury apparels market. This is just the start and mobile phone industry is soon to follow the steps. These displays require additional memory space as the picture quality is understandably classic and soothing to eyes. A mobile phone with 3GB RAM, therefore, is considered an ideal solution for complementing the need of the mobile screens of superior quality.

Sync feature and facilities like Google Maps etc

Your phone is definitely consuming a lot of space if you want to use it for saving screenshots of routes available on Google Maps, or want to access one or more email addresses on it. The syncing process, Google Drive and other 4G compatible applications are some of the reasons why your phone becomes pathetically slow and loses your faith eventually. So, buy phone with 3GB RAM if your world revolves around your gadget.

Though the 3GB RAM is not welcome by everybody, but it certainly is not the fault of the handset. There are certain users who need more space or more resources for handling their personal and professional lives comfortably with the help of their gadgets. The market size of this category of users is considerable enough to give the 3GB RAM capacity phones an appreciating nod.

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